Welcome to Soul Vitality

I am Sara, I have grown up from a young age having a connection to energies, a love for crystals and all things holistic. I am an intuitive healer and a qualified level 4 Reiki Master Teacher and an Eden Method Practitioner and a qualified Tarot Reader.  I am now also studying lunar living and astrology along side to really use the energies of the earth. 

During my years I developed chronic illness myself and over the past 8 years have worked hard with lots of modalities to eradicate them. Being told they had no cure just made me more determined, for myself and for my son as a single mother! 

My labels are borderline personality disorder, Fibromyalgia and FND (Functioning Neurological Symptoms Disorder). Also effected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/M.E) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). All seemingly incurable... yet I have now been cleared by a Neurologist of FND! Although he can't say cured he did say no signs of it whatsoever and as far as he was concerned it was gone! We can only say in remission though at this point.

After many years of medication for mental and physical health though I am now medication free and leading a normal, paced life.

I would love to help you to get there too. It is not an over night fix, it takes time, it takes work and it takes persistence. Together though I know anything is possible.