Eden Energy Medicine


"Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down."

- Donna Eden

Energy Medicine awakens energies that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to your life – and greater vitality to your body, mind, and spirit! Balancing your energies balances your body's chemistry, regulates your hormones, helps you feel better, and helps you think better. It has been called the self-care and development path of the future, but it empowers you NOW to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century and to thrive within them.

Energy Medicine is both a complement to other systems of medical care and, in itself, a complete system for self-care and self-help. It can address physical illness and emotional disorders, and it can also promote wellness and peak performance.


Energy Medicine is both an independent approach to self-care 
and a complement to medical care.


Because I receive so many requests from people who are new to Energy Medicine for help with health conditions, I have written this brief guide to help orient you and to direct you to a wealth of available resources, many of them free.

A key concept in Energy Medicine is that the words "diagnosis" and "treatment" have a different meaning than they do in conventional medicine. In conventional medicine you diagnose and treat an illness. In Energy Medicine, you assess where the energy system needs attention and correct the energy disturbances. Physical symptoms may be a clue, but they are not the focus. For instance, the same stomach ache might trace to an imbalance in Heart meridian in one person, in Liver meridian in another, and in Stomach meridian in a third. The same physical symptoms can reflect many kinds of problems in your energy system and call for different kinds of attention.



There are TWO LEVELS where Energy Medicine might make a difference with a health condition:


Energy Medicine first approaches a health condition by strengthening the person’s overall energy system and then by working with specific energies that are involved in the problem.


1. THE FIRST LEVEL has to do with getting your body's energies into a good flow, harmony, and balance. While not focusing on your health issue directly, this can create within your body an energetic environment that supports your overall health, vitality, and healing.

  • This is the place to start, even if you are also taking additional steps, such as assessing and working with specific vulnerabilities in your energy system or consulting with an Energy Medicine specialist. Unlike treatments that offer pills or surgery, Energy Medicine focuses on the entire body as a system. Before doing more specific treatments, Energy Medicine practitioners routinely help people get their body's overall energies into a strong and healthy flow.

  • Over the years, Donna Eden designed a five-minute "Daily Energy Routine" that combines the most potent techniques we know that are able to help the greatest number of people to stimulate each of the vital energy systems and bring them into harmony and balance.

  • In the Daily Energy Routine are some of the methods an Energy Medicine practitioner might give to you after an initial consultation to help you strengthen and balance your own energies. You can do much for yourself through the Daily Energy Routine alone. The Daily Energy Routine takes about five minutes, and then also dedicating five additional minutes for experimenting with other methods can make a real difference in your health and vitality.

  • You are guided through the Daily Energy Routine in every introductory publication they have. You can find it in the book Energy Medicine (Chapter 3).

  • Five areas you might experiment with as adjuncts to the Daily Energy Routine are 1) the "Homolateral Crossover," 2) "Connecting Heaven and Earth," 3) techniques for sedating the Triple Warmer meridian, 4) the "Neurovascular Hold," and 5) the "Blow Out." All are presented in the above resources.

In Energy Medicine, you assess where the energy system needs attention and correct the energy disturbances.

2. THE SECOND LEVEL by which Energy Medicine might make a difference with a health concern involves an assessment of your body's energies and the ways they are related to the condition.

  • Based on that assessment, individualized treatments can be designed to make your energy system more robust, specifically in the ways that will help with the health condition.

  • If you are a beginner with Energy Medicine, this is more than we recommend you attempt without the help of a qualified practitioner.

  • Meanwhile, everything you might do in terms of the Basic Daily Energy Routine would only support work with a professional Energy Medicine practitioner or other health care provider.




If you desire additional information about Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology, a variety of resources are available to you.


Books, Videos, and Other Learning Resources

While Energy Medicine is Innersources’s flagship book, Donna’s and David’s other books have won four national awards, including two "Book of the Year" designations in their respective categories. The 6-hour "Essential Techniques" video program takes most of the exercises from Energy Medicine and shows Donna personally instructing you in how to use them. It is like bringing her into your living room. See all their books, DVDs, and CDs, and the superb "Energy Medicine Kit" by Sounds True, on the www.LearnEnergyMedicine.com website under "Books, DVDs, Etc."


Home Study Resources

Many of the books and videos can form the basis of home study programs with exams, Certificates of Completion, and Professional Continuing Education Credit available.

Donna's daughter, Titanya Dahlin, has produced DVD's that lead you through her immensely popular Energy Medicine Dance and that show you how to use Poi Balls. You can also get Poi Balls and other fun EM tools on her website. If you are curious about a rare life color that Donna may have written in your book, Titanya is also available for deeper readings. www.AwakenDivineEnergy.com  


Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

Taught by gifted practitioners who have been studying with Donna for many years, and still overseen by Donna, this two-year program has earned rave reviews from hundreds of graduates. Energy Medicine is a career for the future, and this program is a route into it. Learn more on the "Certification Program" area of innersources website.

Finding an Energy Medicine Practitioner

Every local community is enjoying a rapid increase in the number of health practitioners who incorporate an Energy Medicine perspective. Practitioners may be found in all of the healing professions, from physicians and chiropractors to nurses and personal trainers to massage therapists and life coaches. Practitioners of acupuncture, qi gong, Reiki, Ayurveda, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, Touch for Health, Healing Touch, and Therapeutic Touch, among many others, are all working directly with the body’s subtle energies. 


Getting an Energy Medicine Perspective on Health-Based Questions

Again, Energy Medicine does not diagnose or treat illness or disease. Instead it corrects energetic imbalances that are at the foundation of health and vibrancy. But physical symptoms often provide clues about the types of energy imbalances the body needs to have addressed. Donna has received thousands of inquiries about how to apply Energy Medicine with various health-related concerns. While the numbers now make it impossible to answer each, for many years she did just that, so we have hundreds of responses to such questions.

Learn About Energy Psychology

Applying the principles of Energy Medicine to emotional problems and to promote peak vitality is proving to be one of the most exciting developments in the field of psychology.